Monday, June 14, 2010

Inspirations for EXP 3

1. Mayan Temple

The reason I choose this a precedent for Miranda was to elaborate on the ideas that this represents power and authority and that Miranda as I read in an article admires ancient and modern concepts that why's I incorporated it.

2. Modern Bridge Design

This random and developing bridge appealed to me a lot due to its shapes of the spine behind carved out in a way of being smooth and slick.

3. Jamison Valley, Blue Mountains NSW

The Jamison Valley is naturally an amazing piece of natural design and displays beautiful scenery and serenity to those that visit. That is why I thought it would be perfect to have my architecture within.

4. Leonardo's Glass Cube

I saw this image a while ago and just thought what an amazing being of architecture. I respect that way it blends with the environment and the glass walls and that is what I wanted to accomplish with Angela Merkel's Office

5. Octopus

The Octopus came as a shock to most of my peers and friends to be an inspiration but I didn't see why we should be embracing all of nature not just the aesthetical pleasing areas and try to incorporate it's concepts into architecture.

2 Draft Images + Elevator Experiment

1. The Landscape

For this image I wanted to capture the landscape as a whole and to illustrate the carved out area after I extruded the whole terrain to receive a mimic of the Landscape.

2. River and Landscape View

I liked this view a lot and I appreciated the notion of looking up as most movie directors composer the person who is victorious is always looking up into something.

Experiment Elevator Test

This was just a draft object I composed in Sketch up then exported into Crysis I found this draft to be very helpful and necessary in understanding how the elevator coding functions.
Source: Russell Lowe Tutorial on EXP 3 on his site.

Download links for EXP 3

Buttons for Elevators:

For Miranda Kerr's Office:

Up: k
Down: j

For Angela Merkel's Office:

Up: p
Down: n

5 images of Final Design

1. Aerial Shot

This Aerial shot displays the two offices, the meeting place and the bridge. I wanted to capture the essence of the different personalities of the clients and grasp the meaning behind their own attitudes that isn't represented in the media. I wanted to represent the relationship with the land and the openness to the environment.

2. Meeting and Eating Area

This weird looking shape displays the meeting and eating area for the clients and the place where they would stay and communicate with each other. I wanted to keep it large and open but not to much to harm the environment. My inspiration for this design was the animal the Octopus, and I wanted to replicate the animalistic factors of it.

3. Angela Merkel's Elevator platform - Why the Red Lights?

This displays the platform of Angela Merkel and represents how I tried to incorporate the material of glass; as I found glass to be a good concept to gel around and mesh well with the environment. The red lights help to symbolise the areas of caution for the person within the game and alerts them of the areas of getting off the elevators and also an aesthetical touch.

4. View of the Valley, Inspired by Jamison Valley

This image displays the valley and I was inspired by the Jamison Valley due to its amalgamation of trees and river beds. This valley resembles the country of Australia to be subtle and beautiful so that's why I choose this valley to compose and have appreciated how its come out and the learning process as well.

5. Angela Merkel's Office on the left with the bridge

I wanted my bridge to be composed on the basis on that it displays the aesthetical and functional aspects to elaborate on my concept on openness and technological blending. Here in the image it displays the meeting area which my peers and family have called Mechanical Octopus and I can see why. In relation with Merkel's office it displays a nice and subtle area for here to stay in and contemplate on ideas and have the open environment for her inspiration.

Final Google Sketch up Models


Table and Chair

Angela Merkel Office

Miranda Kerr Office

Draft Eating Area